Waxing vs Laser Hair removal... The Great Debate

As far back as I can remember, body hair in the western world was never really fashionable. Females with unshaven, unwaxed, fully bushed privates and limbs, treated it as a symbol of independence, rebellion even, in an era of Women's Lib. Fast forward a few decades and for that very reason, (freedom of choice) we remove every strand if we could, from the nose down!!!

So here we are spoilt for choice but the one question still remains... will future me be mindful of hair in my old age or will I be happy to totter down to my local salon on my Zimmer frame once a month? Reduced hair or permanent removal...??? I suppose it depends on what you want the end results to be in the long term. They both do the same thing, one just takes a bit more time about it. Waxing does indeed reduce and refine hair regrowth over time, whereas Laser is the quickest route to permanent reduction. However... not everyone is suited to laser treatments or more to the point, not a vast amount of Clinics stock top of range machines suited for all skin and hair types. 'But waxing is so painful!', I hear someone in the back shout... It's all down to technique I say. 'But Laser is so expensive!', another one shouts back...overheads cost more, hence the reflection in the price, not forgetting... if done properly regrowth is minimum to none!!! That takes us nicely as to WHO can actually perform each of these treatments... Level 2 Therapists after some practice should be fairly competent in their waxing technique to cause minimal pain and full hair removal from the follicle, whereas you study for up to a further year to gain a Level 4 qualification in Laser Hair Removal (at your own cost I must add). So here we have again the debate of cost. It stands to reason the more qualified you become, in order to deliver those services you can legitimately charge more....But I digress slightly. Waxing removes hair instantaneously. Up to 6 glorious weeks in the sun with no fear of an (unsightly) crooked, spikey, brown or black shoot poking its way through a knicker line. The very patient client waits for their more lasting Laser treatment results and revels in the near-year long results of hairlessness before following through with bi-yearly up-keep sessions. Most salons offer waxing (convenience) whereas Laser treatments are done in specialised clinics (inconvenience). You can miss a few wax sessions and be confident to leave hair free, albeit tender after a wax session, but consistency is key to hairlessness for laser sessions.

Trends do tend to fluctuate between how much hair to keep and how much goes, especially with a Brazilian where the demand for various shapes were quite high in the last decade. The freedom to regrow and reshape the hair pattern (yes! down there) could only be done with waxing. One blast of a laser and your stuck with your choice for at least 2 yrs or more. But maybe if you're not bothered about trends and think just get rid... then laser is definitely for you!!!

Anyhoo... to hair or not to hair!!! To Wax or To Laser!!! It all comes down to personal choice. I myself am partial to the feel of a freshly waxed 'noni'. That instantaneous rush of endorphins and feeling so light you feel like you need to show it off to the world (but don't lol). That, you can never get with a laser session. At the end of the day my reply to clients who inevitably come to me with this conundrum is 'Think of yourself at 70, what do you think you'd like? Grey pubes or No pubes?'

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